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CryptoBase.Space Shorter

Posted by arrahbari 1 month ago
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CryptoBase.Space Shorter
Posted 1 month ago, last edited 1 month ago
A new link shorter service like adlinkfly . For the first month we have low prices for advertisers and we welcome faucets to use our service. We count 3 visits per IP for every 24 hours. Payment are made via Bitcoin,Dogecoin and Webmoney and we will add more in future. I just start this site because there is a lot of scam link shorter sites that not pay faucet owners . So I will do my best . I hope for increasing the payment rate of my site in next 3 month. Good luck and enjoy it. CryptoBase Shorter
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RE: CryptoBase.Space Shorter
Posted 1 month ago
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RE: CryptoBase.Space Shorter
Posted 27 days ago
Good luck but you need to increase the Referral Bonus and CPM.  I hope this one would pay as promised. 😊😊