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I've lost my coins, what happened?!

First of all, calm down. There is most likely another explanation for this.
If you believe you have lost some coins, or your balance is not how you expect, then follow the below tips and tricks.

Faucet owner? Maybe you paid too much!

Check your Statistics page in the Faucet Manager to check what you paid, how much, and to who. This will help you verify how much you are paying out.

Are you a Premium member? Don't forget the renewal costs.

Premium subscriptions are renewed automatically providing you have the funds in your account. Make sure you don't forget about your subscription costs.

Selling coins on the exchange?

Check you don't have the coins sitting on an open sell/buy order. In addition to this, check your Order History to see if you bought or sold them. Finally, if you are a premium member, check if you have Auto Sell enabled.

In most cases when people reported that they "lost coins" or their coins were "stolen", it turned out they simply did something and forgot about it.

This help question was last updated 3 years ago
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