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I didn't receive my Ethereum deposit?

If you did not receive an Ethereum deposits (but may have received other Ethereum deposits without a problem) then this is due to FaucetHub not supporting deposits which are sent as part of a Smart Contract. For more information please see below:

Regular Withdraw: A withdraw request to send an amount from one address (the sender) to another address (your deposit address).
Contract Withdraw: A special contract/instruction sent to a main address (belonging to the sender) to instruct it to move an amount into another address (your deposit address).

FaucetHub does not have any method to detect a Smart Contract withdraw that's sent to a deposit address. For this reason, it will not show up on your account.

To avoid this from happening in the future, please contact the sender and ask if they are sending a regular withdraw or a withdraw from a Smart Contract. Use a personal wallet such as MyEtherWallet to receive the Contract Withdraw amount, and then send this to your FaucetHub Ethereum deposit address.

This help question was last updated 2 years ago
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