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Migration Guide Move from an existing microwallet provider to our platform

This guide is specifically written for developers in mind who operate custom scripts which use another microwallet provider. Choose the section which best describes your circumstances below. Script

If you use the Faucet in a Box script provided by, they have informed us that they will be adding support for our platform into our script. Keep an eye on their version release page for an updated script.

NOTE If you are feeling adventurous and have some knowledge of development, feel free to follow the custom script migration guide below and apply this to your script installation.

Custom script which uses

We offer a modified version of's PHP library which you read more information about here.

Our API is designed to be a 100% drop-in replacement to the API library offered by This means you simply need to change the API url from to and swap out your API key and you should be good to go. If you have any problems doing this, feel free to contact support.

Important! Due to our platform requiring users who receive payments to have an account, there is 1 additional status code in the API which you must handle correctly in your script. When using the send API method, you will get a return status attribute of 456. As per our API Documentation this means that the address the user claimed with does not belong to an account on our platform. At this point it is heavily advised to show the user the message attribute that we send in the response, or a custom message of your own indicating the user to sign up for an account here at our platform to continue, and once they have done so to claim the payment again. Treat status code 456 as a failed payout and handle it correctly in your script to prevent confusion from your users.

For reference here is the message we return:

Coin address, email or username does not belong to an account on, please make an account and link your address and try again., & XAPO

In the coming future will we update this section and add extra sections for the migration of faucets/websites using these providers to our platform. For developers we suggest in the mean time to implement our API into your script.