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Sep 2010:26 am

[Site/App Owners] Information regarding "Application error"

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Some of you may have noticed a few weeks ago API requests started to return the following error: "Application error, please try again later". This post goes into detail on why it happens and what your options are to remove it.

Why does it appear?


Sep 017:02 am

HITAIRDROP - First Airdrop is now Live worth 50000$ [More Airdrops are coming]


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Finally we have our first Airdrop on HitAirdrop is live. We have more Airdrops to launch soon.

BLOCKLANCER-The truly free service marketplace. Airdropping free LNC tokens already available on exchange.


Aug 239:09 pm

A fresh view on anonymity: unveils a new Bitcoin mixing approach!


  • 1535058572 - a platform that gives users an opportunity to create their own Bitcoin mixer and profit from cryptocurrency anonymization services has officially launched on August 19.


Aug 187:03 pm

Apologies and a small change to Rambo Stash

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First of all, apologies for the very long maintenance yesterday spanning almost 3/4 of a day. One of the causes of this maintenance was a huge influx of users playing Rambo. After some investigation it appears that fresh user accounts are playing with very low bets (1-2 sat) with the hope that they will win Rambo's Stash. Due to this we were doing over 15 million internal transactions per day on average, compared to the previous average of 3-5 million. This greatly increased the size of our database as well as brought us closer to the limit that was in place around 2.1 billion.


Aug 032:55 pm - Rate ICOs and Earn Rewards


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[header=3]Community Curated ICO Ratings