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Mar 24

Update regarding support/ticket system

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We've made a custom system for all our sites.

If you've sent any tickets in the last 24 hours and haven't got an answer, please send them again, since old system crashed and we've lost your messages.

Apologies and thanks in advance....

Mar 15

Back up and running!

  • 1489560093

7:40 AM UK time,

service is back up and running with 0 lag.

Apologies for the service interruption and thanks ...

Mar 15

Attention required!

  • 1489546645

Due to big traffic amounts, we are forced to upgrade our hardware ASAP, which is NOW.

Current time is 2:57AM, UK time.

Site's going down at 3AM UK time.

Due to low us...

Mar 15

Advertising opportunity for website owners, and not only.

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if you're one of the users who've been asking to get ads on faucethub, this might be for you.
Please read the post below on bitcointalk.


Mar 14

New game!

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Hello guys.It's been a while since we added any games on here.We have added dice game. Click on Games button and you will see it.
If you find any bugs (it's normal), please let us...