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Oct 14

Claim, Play , Withdraw! FREE EXTRA BITCOINS!!!!


  • 1507987804

Meet - faucet like no others!

Here is what you can do:


Oct 13

Alert! Protect your account details!

  • 1507901404

This is a notice to all users to protect your account details by using unique passwords on every website you use and enabling (at least) email 2-Factor Authentication.

We believe that some of our users registered on a faucet/website that is stealing login data. Some of this login data has been used to access various accounts here at FaucetHub. Not only that, but some people's balances were withdrawn without them noticing.


Oct 04

Mining Bitcoin through FH, Update

  • 1507143329


Since we introduced our mining page, a lot of users asked us to add some kind of bonus(es).


Oct 03

Faucet Owners, mining related. Please read.

  • 1507051256

Hello guys,

Lately, there's been some users that got frozen by FH's anti-fraud system.


Sep 26

Earn extra satoshi from FaucetHUB:

  • 1506434582


We've added a new method on how to earn satoshi through your browser, without having to do any work.