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Apr 12

Litecoin - Faucets, faucet Owners & Faucet Users

  • 1492016004


we've been getting a lot of complaints from faucet users that "some" faucets aren't working, and most of those faucets display API error.

Now, the main issue isn't faucetHUB, it's the fauc...

Apr 10

Faucet owners, new way to get a lot of traffic

  • 1491842755

So, you've probably been wondering how you can get traffic on your sites, and here's the answer.

I've been thinking to launch this project long time ago, but the time wasn't right.
Now that I believe this project can live and have success, I'm announcing it.
It's still under development. It should be ready b...

Apr 09

Chat rules abuse

  • 1491765052

Hello everyone,

As most of you know, it's not allowed to promote scam projects in any chats on FGN or FaucetHUB.

So, from now, please know that if you promote any ...

Apr 06

Litecoin - Coinbase, confirmed!

  • 1491442900

Hello everyone!

Seems what a lot of us have been waiting for years is going to happen very soon!

Mar 24

Update regarding support/ticket system

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We've made a custom system for all our sites.

If you've sent any tickets in the last 24 hours and haven't got an answer, please send them again, since old system crashed and we've lost your messages.

Apologies and thanks in advance....