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Dec 2912:14 am

Offerwall boost

  • 1482970495

Hello,as far as I can see, PeanutLabs is the most profitable offerwall on the site currently, so here's an update for users who do PeanutLabs OWs.I've noticed, there's a high boost in their reward...

Dec 2112:39 pm

Withdraws wont be processed this Sunday, please read

  • 1482323991

Hello,Since a lot of people will be absent from their homes, away from their computers, etc, etc..Withdraws wont be processed this Sunday (25.12.2016) for security reasons.
If anything happens to anyone's website and missi...

Dec 201:39 pm

New Year promotion! (3 promotions!)

  • 1482241198

Hello community!In order to promote the site and help our users, we have decided to do a promotion which will run from today until January 1st!- We are going to reward the top 3 users wh...

Dec 1712:22 pm

[17/Dec/2016] Great news!

  • 1481977375 has joined our network.CoinZilla is an advertising network. They seem pretty serious and professional.If you own unique websites, make sure you contact them and see if you qualify to join them. They might have the best CPM currently, from all t...

Dec 122:40 pm is closing in 7 days from now. Please read

  • 1481553623

Hello everyone,

as you know, FaucetBOX is going to close.
That's the main reason why FaucetHUB was born.

FaucetHUB is expecting to get at least 50.000 us...

Dec 1110:16 pm

Update: 11/Dec/2016

  • 1481494577

So, here's today's updates:Added new offerwalls: & WannadsThose two and PeanutLabs are the highest pa...

Dec 109:30 pm

Auto withdraw day/time information.

  • 1481405412

We decided to change the payout run 1 final time before they come into effect this Sunday. We previously announced that payouts will be done on 6AM every Wednesday and Sunday. They will now go out at 6PM instead of 6AM.
This is to ensure every payout run is successful ...

Dec 104:36 pm

What are levels useful for? Plus more info about current features I'm working on.

  • 1481387808

a) The higher level you have on site, the more you will be able to get from your referrals. Every 10 levels = +0.1% on your referrals.It's in your best interest to bring more users to the site. It's a win-win situation for both, users & faucethub.

b) There's going to be one more game, which will allow you to bet more if you have higher level.

c) A lot of cool features will be unlocked in the ...

Dec 109:22 am

Lottery bug. 10/Dec/2016

  • 1481361767

We would like to inform you that there was a bug/exploit on the lottery between the times of 10:30 PM GMT 9th Dec to 8:30 GMT 10th Dec which allowed users to purchase free lottery tickets. This exploit was possible due to a change in the cache system earlier in the day, resulting in users tickets not being removed for up to 1 minute after the lottery rounds ended. Some users found this out and decided to exploit it, others had no idea about the bug, and others had auto bot turned on which exploited it without them noticing.

During these times over 10+ false Bitcoin was "won" by "lucky" winners. Some of those users shared their winnings and rained on others in the chat and many levelled up by +10-20 levels at once, some of them levelled up to over 100+. Unfortunately all of the lottery wins and tickets bought, levels gained and rains during the time mentioned above has been returned/reversed.

In addition to that, if you participated in the lo...

Dec 0912:52 pm

Earn 10.000 satoshi in your faucethub account. Small task.

  • 1481287953

Please read the topic. Make sure you follow the rule and you will get reward directly to your faucethub account.

This is a exclusive bitcointalk offer....

Dec 0910:46 am

Can't see chat?

  • 1481280379

(This issue might appear on Google Chrome browser)

If you can't see the chat please clear your cache.

I had to do something with SSL cert, in order to f...

Dec 085:28 am

FaucetHUB updates: General Security, Anti bot security, Withdraws.

  • 1481174901

After taking a look at withdraws from the site & having a discussion with the community to see if they mind if FaucetHUB processes withdraws 2 times per week, I have decided to do so. Since the majority in the chat didn't mind it, I'm assuming not many people will mind it too.Withdraws will be processed every Sunday & Wednesday at 6PM (GMT) UK time.

Security page has been finished.


Dec 075:01 am

New game added

  • 1481086868

Rock Paper Bitcoin has been added. The very known to all of us game, Rock Paper Scissors.

Entire game was made from scratch. Hope you'll enj...

Dec 031:39 am

FaucetHUB information.

  • 1480729177

You probably registered and saw something totally different than you're used to in the past.

FaucetHUB isn't just a microwallet copy/paste platform, FaucetHUB is way more than that.

If you're interested to start running your own ...

Dec 012:32 am is in live mode.

  • 1480559575

Hello everyone!Good news! You probably read the title, duh!
I'd like to apologize to everyone for saying that...