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Dec 314:16 pm

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 - earn money efficiently


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Unlimited efficient 1min Bitcoin/dogecoin faucet page

Extensive list of FES(faucet efficiency score) based faucets=

[header=5]Faucethub based Mining/Autofaucet list
[color=#FF0000]Cryptocurrency trading guide[/color...

Dec 278:58 pm

Info regarding 2FA, email delays, and withdraws

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2FA changes to improve account security - Only affects non-2FA users
Effective from 23rd December we launched a new 2FA system designed to protect your account from unauthorised logins. This only affects users without any 2FA enabled. The system requires that your IP address which you login from is authorised on your account. From the launch date, no IP is authorised. This forces 2FA to be enabled temporarily requiring you to input the code sent to your email address.

After you get the code and login, your IP is authorised and you won't need to input any 2FA codes again until you login from a different IP address.

Please note: [b]this system cannot be disabled a...

Dec 228:41 pm


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Hello guys,

We have decided to pause withdrawals, until December 27th.
(This is effective from tomorrow! Make sure you withdraw any coins you'd like to withdraw before today's payouts!)
There's no need to panic, the reason is very simpl...

Dec 196:19 pm

[COMPLETED] Maintenance/Downtime - Please read

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As most of you have noticed, FauceHUB has been lagging for some time now.

This happens because there is a lot of new users joining our site day by day and our old hardware can't keep up with the demand.

In about 3 hours from now, we will be going offlin...

Dec 142:48 pm

Christmas promos & popunders

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We have a special announcement to make. Let's start with the bad news:

We've enabled pop-under advertisements from CoinTraffic for non-premium users. These pop-unders show up once within 10 minutes. This means that if you don't spend a lot of time on FaucetHub e.g. check in for 5 mins and then check in again 4 hours later, you only end up seeing 2 pop-under ads.

Ok, now for the good news. Due to this incr...

Dec 109:26 pm

Ethereum deposits/withdrawals delays

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As many of you have noticed, ETH is being very slow.
There's nothing we can do about it, since it's not an issue on our end, but the blockchain of Ether itself.

There was a token launched recently and it's clo...