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Dec 314:55 pm

Buy this, you wont regret it.

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Hi guys..Happy New Year everyone!
Set new targets for your...

Dec 2410:20 pm

Merry Christmas

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We wish you have lovely holidays, either you celebrate them, or not.

Use those moments to spend time with your family a...

Dec 217:37 pm

Crypto Idle Miner - Release news update


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Hello everyone!

We have status update regarding Crypto Idle Miner. To be more precise this will consist of three updates, in which we have some good news and some “bad” news (not necessarily bad, but we are a bit frustrated about that).

1. Before global release we will release one more ...

Dec 197:59 pm buys

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Hello everyone!We are proud to announce that we have purchased and have big plans for its future.Please read the latest news here:

Dec 148:08 pm

Super cheap advertising with conversion rates up to 25%!

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Are you tired of low conversion rates like 0.5% or 1-2%? Well look no further than our upgraded and highly-targeted Text Advertising system!

You'd think that this post based on the title is a "sponsored" one, but it's not. It's a way to introduce our upgraded Text Ad system for our chatbox. About half a year ago we decided to combat "free advertisement" spam by faucet owners of their sites by making the "AD" tab where users must pay a fee to post a text based advertisement. At the time the majority went to the Rainpool with a small amount going to FaucetHUB to support us.

The latest update has the following changes. We ...

Dec 1210:40 am

Crypto Idle Miner - now available for pre-registration on Google Play Store!


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Dear Cryptolovers,

We have amazing news for you now. Crypto Idle Miner has been accepted for Pre-Registration program on Google Play store!

This is really an amazing opportunity for us as ...

Dec 049:16 pm

RE: Maintenance

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Hello guys,We have managed to do the maintenance with a 6 minute downtime, a day before the schedule.This means, tomorrow, there wont be needed to do a...

Dec 0211:02 am

[FaucetHUB] Maintenance 5/12/2018

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FH needs one more maintenance. A long maintenance, which could probably last 6-10 hours.We will need to schedule this maintenance on 5th December 2018, at 12 at noon, UK time.
In case we don't get the site back after withdraw...

Dec 0112:55 pm

[FaucetHUB] New features that you'll like.

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Hello! I'm done working on some new features that I think you'll like.

Below the chat "Send a message..." box, you will find 4 icons.
3 of 4 icons are new.

[u]Icon #2 (Bubble chat i...