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Dec 148:08 pm

Super cheap advertising with conversion rates up to 25%!

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Are you tired of low conversion rates like 0.5% or 1-2%? Well look no further than our upgraded and highly-targeted Text Advertising system!

You'd think that this post based on the title is a "sponsored" one, but it's not. It's a way to introduce our upgraded Text Ad system for our chatbox. About half a year ago we decided to combat "free advertisement" spam by faucet owners of their sites by making the "AD" tab where users must pay a fee to post a text based advertisement. At the time the majority went to the Rainpool with a small amount going to FaucetHUB to support us.

The latest update has the following changes. We ...

Dec 1210:40 am

Crypto Idle Miner - now available for pre-registration on Google Play Store!


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Dear Cryptolovers,

We have amazing news for you now. Crypto Idle Miner has been accepted for Pre-Registration program on Google Play store!

This is really an amazing opportunity for us as ...

Dec 049:16 pm

RE: Maintenance

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Hello guys,We have managed to do the maintenance with a 6 minute downtime, a day before the schedule.This means, tomorrow, there wont be needed to do a...

Dec 0211:02 am

[FaucetHUB] Maintenance 5/12/2018

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FH needs one more maintenance. A long maintenance, which could probably last 6-10 hours.We will need to schedule this maintenance on 5th December 2018, at 12 at noon, UK time.
In case we don't get the site back after withdraw...

Dec 0112:55 pm

[FaucetHUB] New features that you'll like.

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Hello! I'm done working on some new features that I think you'll like.

Below the chat "Send a message..." box, you will find 4 icons.
3 of 4 icons are new.

[u]Icon #2 (Bubble chat i...