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Jan 241:05 am

New offerwall added

  • 1485219959 a lot of people have been asking us to add a new offerwall, we've decided to add you're someone who enjoys doing surveys or offe...

Jan 239:07 pm

Important Updates for Users & Faucet Owners!

  • 1485205664


Here's a few updates for you:

Categories on the Faucet List!

Jan 093:03 pm

Withdraws. Part #2

  • 1483974180

Withdraws from now will be manual and you can request one whenever you want.

You'll be able to request a withdraw after you reach the minimum amounts.
0.0002 BTC, 10 DOGE and 0.01 LTC

It'll be launched in the next 10 minutes.


Jan 088:01 pm

Withdraw delay

  • 1483905716


Yes, you guessed it correct. There were no payments today, yet.

What's the reason?
After finishing the anti-frau...

Jan 077:29 pm

The "war" against fraud has started.

  • 1483817377

Hello community!

One of the problems we have in the faucet industry is bots, or more specifically fraudulent activity which causes faucet owners to lose their money quicker than they should. This is usually done by the same person claiming more from the same faucet using various methods. It's one of the biggest challenges for faucet owners (and the whole world) to identify individual users with only a bitcoin address and ip address. Without using any personal information there is no way to pin point a fraudulent user before they do it. Even with personal information, this does not stop them from committing the activity.

Services exist like nastyhosts and getipintel to d...

Jan 0512:50 am

REF contest rewards:

  • 1483577449

Following users are getting rewarded for contributing through their referral influence.

#1: 0.05 - thanhtrungntu
#2: 0.025 -
#3: 0.0125 - deaconblade

Congrats guys!...

Jan 049:33 pm

Top EXP contest users:

  • 1483565587

#1 user: 0.1 BTC - deaconblade
#2 user: 0.05 BTC - fautsy
#3 user: 0.025 BTC -
#4 user: 0.0125 BTC - ivankalyada
#5 user: 0.00625 BTC - scouse

Referral contest ...

Jan 018:43 pm

Updates 1/1/2017

  • 1483303401

0.1 BTC rain will happen tonight, around 11-12 UK time.EXP contest ends tonight at 12. Winners will be credited in the next 48 hours. Their usernames will be posted in a new post.Same stands for referral contest.
On a side note. FaucetHUB is looking for more mod...