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Jan 2912:22 am

New coin on FaucetHUB.

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in the next 24 hours, we'll be launching POT coin on FaucetHUB.

More information about the coin can be found here:...

Jan 1912:11 pm

Earn Money Talk Faucet - Bitcoin


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Hi, I am launching a new faucet today (EMT)
Hope you all like my faucet Earn Money Talk Faucet.

[size=22]Ways to earn[/s...

Jan 163:52 pm


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Jan 0812:02 am

Important changes to Bitcoin withdraws coming up

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Up until about a month ago the network congestion was rather low and this allowed for lower fee transactions (10-30 sat per byte) to be confirmed within 1-2 days. However due to the current blockchain situation this has turned to anywhere from 1-2 weeks to even over a month.

From today onwards we will be switching Bitcoin withdraws to weekly. This allows us to increase the fee for withdraws having them be confirmed sooner on the blockchain.

We will also be adding an additional option allowi...

Jan 031:50 pm

New game from mexicantarget: - Dystopian MMORPG


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Hey guys! It's mex

Today I'm launching a new game, called CryptoWarfare (CW). This is the old P2046 game, if some of you might remember it.
I bought the site and upgraded a lot of stuff, fixed a lot of stuff, added a lot of new content to make the game more interesting.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year,...