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Jul 3012:46 pm

2 very important things

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On August 1st, we will be upgrading our server.


Jul 271:27 pm

Notice for multiple users accessing/controlling the same account

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Due to the way our anti-fraud system works, we request that every FaucetHub account is controlled by only 1 user. The following things are forbidden:

- Adding someone else's (family, friend or neighbors or even pet)'s currency addresses to your account
- Allowing a 2nd or 3rd person to control your account/make claims through different times of the day

These actions are likely to trigger our Anti-Fra...

Jul 221:04 pm

Earn Bitcoins by shortening URLs


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The following message is a sponsored post.Hello FaucetHUB community.Did you know? You can earn Bitcoin by short...

Jul 1912:09 pm

Important information regarding the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork

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Hello everyone!As you may or may not be aware of, there is a hard fork scheduled to take place on the Bitcoin network on or around August 1st. During this event the network will split into 2, creating 2 separated blockchains (Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited).We will be halting Bitcoin deposits and withdraws ...

Jul 084:43 pm

Join CoinPole bitcoin earning community


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The following message is a sponsored post.

Hi, there!

CoinPole ...

Jul 038:29 pm

Hey there FaucetHUB user! You got an invitation!


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The following message is a sponsored post.

Hey there FaucetHUB users!

I invite you all to this cool faucet

We are a small unique faucet that would like to give Satoshis to many more users :) First 20000 users will get 500 to 10000 FREE instant gift!

We have some cool features:

  1. Gift Faucet
  2. Pop Up Faucet
  3. Safe Game
  4. Raffle
  5. 10% Referral Earnings
  6. Earn 20 Satoshis Per Vote
  7. PTC WALL (free extra coins)
  8. On Going Referral Contest

P.S For the next 24 hours only we will give a free bonus from 1000 to 5000 Satoshis to random users!


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