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Jun 271:18 pm

Frequent chat user? Check this out!

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after a lot time and a lot of demand, we've decided to allow users use custom made CSS nicknames in our chat, for a small fee.
If you understand CSS, you know what you're capabl...

Jun 254:51 pm

Users who use Opera browser, please read.

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a lot of people which were caught by our anti-fraud system were using Opera browser, which has an "inbuilt" feature to mask your IP.
This isn't different than proxy, VPN or any other thing which changes your IP.

We will not allow anyone mask their IPs, no matt...

Jun 211:50 pm

API down(?)

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we're doing maintenance on our API system, and it takes longer than it should.
We thought it would take around 5 minutes, but it's been quite more than this.
Apologies for this!

In order to compensate fauc...

Jun 161:37 am

Ethereum blockchain (ETH) - Please read this news post

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Your vote matters. Please vote.

Jun 156:01 pm

Haven't received a reply to your support ticket?

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if you've sent a support ticket in the last 2 days and haven't received a reply regarding any issues you have, please contact us again.

There was a small issue with our e-mail client and...

Jun 126:29 pm

WARNING! Jaxx wallet users

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Jaxx has been hacked. Please stop using the service until further notice, do not withdraw any funds on their site before you hear any positive news.

Thanks to user leedmet for warning us....

Jun 112:46 pm

Cheaper Premium available for all!

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Have you been thinking about becoming a Premium user and unlocking all of the extra benefits, but did not want to commit to 1 whole month? Good news!

From today, we converted our Premium Subscription pricing from months into days. You can now purchase anywhere from 1 to 365 days of Premium. This will allow you to try out everything Premium has to offer without paying for 1 whole month.

Just like before there is a discount applied per-d...

Jun 101:30 pm

Exchange is LIVE!

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The link we'll post below is the "HELP" section of our exchange.
Please take a minute to read what's written, so you understand what kind of exchange service we provide, then move to the other pages and try it yourself.

If you have any questions, please ask in the cha...

Jun 0812:27 pm

Regarding the WARNING post yesterday. Please read

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If you have managed to link any address that you used on epay to your existing accounts, then this message ISN'T for you. You can continue using them normally and forget about anything regarding epay addresses and this news post.

If case you try to add your coin address and it says "This address is already linked to another account", it means someone ELSE has linked it to HIS account, even that coin address is YOURS.

Because we can't know who owns X or Y address BEFO...

Jun 071:20 pm

WARNING! epay coin address users

  • 1496841601

epay finally did its final move, they've put their site on auction on bitcointalk.

Now, the warning is:

Someone (could be epay too), is taking users addre...

Jun 0612:39 pm

Primecoin (XPM) ready!

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Hi guys,

finally, after near 5 days, XPM has synced with the network and it's ready to be used!

Have fun!...

Jun 058:00 pm

Updates on latest development

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Hi guys,

haven't posted many dev stuff lately, so here's some things I've added in the last few days:

- Deposit system.
From now on you'll be a...

Jun 022:34 pm

Minifaucet migration

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Download the PHP library from here:
This should give you a file named faucethub.php, rename this to faucetbox.php.

Upload the file to your installation root directory of your minifaucet installation
Select the wallet provider as FaucetBox, and inser...