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Mar 194:30 pm

Please read - mexicantarget

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Hey guys!

Many of you probably noticed Crypto Idle Miner's sponsored posts posts in our /news page in the past months.


Mar 119:03 pm

Seems surreal but it's true! Crypto Idle Miner will be released next week!


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Hello, dear Faucet Hub members!

We won’t beat around the bush, this is it guys ...

Mar 109:03 pm

[Promotion for site owners]

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So, some of you might have heard of PTCWall, and its offers. One of those offer providers, Andrew Gitt has contacted me to let me know about the changes they've made on their site.If you are interested about earning some extra money as a site owner (crypto too), please contact Andrew and provide him with a link to your website. Please that this is only for site owners, not users.You can contact Andrew at:

email: [email protected]

Mar 0711:45 am

Offline time

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Hi guys,Hosting provider scheduled 2 maintenances. 6am GMT+1 on 13th for 2 hours, 6am GMT+1 on 15th for 2 hours.

This means, Faucet...