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May 301:06 pm

4 new altcoins launched: Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin, Primecoin

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We are proud to announce that 4 new altcoins are available on site: Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin, Primecoin
You can now create and manage faucets in these new altcoin currencies.

How to update FaucetInABox Script for these new altcoins

Here is a small guide on how to update your Fauc...

May 292:54 pm

Faucet Owners READ - Important info about rate limits

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If you are a faucet owner and have set a time frame for your rate limits that is over 360 minutes then please update your rate limits from the Faucet Manager, as we have introduced a maximum rate limit time frame of 360 minutes.

Your existing rate limits amounts have been lowered to reflect this change.

May 289:48 am

Warning. If you're using, please read!

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if you're a faucet owner or user, please read this: has turned into a scam site and they'r...

May 286:57 am

Altcoin additions.

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Hello community!

We're glad to inform you that we'll be adding some altcoins in the future, besides LTC & DOGE.

With current events and news regarding a big micro...

May 275:17 pm

"Missing withdrawals", "Where's my coins?", "Never got my coins". Please read.

  • 1495905468

Up until a few weeks ago FaucetHub has been able to process Bitcoin withdraws on a daily basis with little to no delays in users receiving their coins. However, the network conditions of the Bitcoin blockchain changed recently, making it harder to send and uphold our daily withdraw commitments to our users.How FaucetHub is affectedWith these current network conditions there are roughly 160000-190000 pending unconfirmed transactions worldwide, stuck in limbo on the Bitcoin blockchain. We are also affected by this in 2 ways: Topping up our hot wallet to handle withdraws, and withdraws sent from our wallet taking a long time to confirm on the user's end.
Pending withdraws vs Sent withdraws
On you...

May 2512:25 pm

Please read. 2FA Account stealing attempts.

  • 1495715138

In the last days we've been receiving a lot of requests to reset/remove 2FA option from many accounts.
Those genius scammers/script kiddies are using the exact same email topic title, so it's not that hard to understand what's going on.

So, in case you lose your 2FA (or your dog eats your phone), we wont be able to return your account back.
You're supposed to protect your 2FA code and your ...

May 166:26 pm

XAPO users, your attention, please.

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If you're withdrawing your bitcoin to XAPO, please have a read here:

Also, something else that you might want to read:


May 157:59 pm

Got a delayed payout? Please read

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Hello,some (if not everyone) might have noticed that you haven't got any withdraws.The reason is quite simple. Blockchain requires mo...

May 1512:00 am

New users, welcome!

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Hello everyone.

The site has been picking up lately and there's a lot of new users who email every day and ask very basic questions. This is normal. Everything new is difficult to learn at every beginning.

So, if you're interested to understand this specif...

May 124:24 pm

Site slow/errors.

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I've been upgrading some stuff today, so you probably might've noticed some lag, or even some random errors from time to time.

This happens because I didn't want to get the service down, instead I'm doing it slowly without having to interrupt the flow of the site(s).

There might be 1-2 minute downtimes due to setting...

May 0711:05 am

Faucet owners / Faucet users, please check this out

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Hello,a few days ago, we launched a unique website, you're a faucet owner and your site pays instan...

May 018:40 pm

Anti-Fraud update, if faucet owner, PLEASE READ

  • 1493671245

In January 2017 we launched the FaucetHub Anti-Fraud system to protect Faucet owners 24/7 around the clock without them needing to do any extra work. Since then we've recovered 0.56464358 Bitcoin to 300 faucet owners.This service was launched for free for all Faucet owners, however we have decided that from 1st June 2017 that this service will become part of the premium account package that we offer.

[b]What happ...