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Nov 283:45 pm

[FaucetHUB] Chat/AD rule change

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Hello everyone,

as you know, or not, our site has an active chat, where our users can talk about different topics, in different languages.

There usually are some rules in chat rooms, so the...

Nov 248:32 pm

Crypto Idle Miner - We have almost final announcement to make...


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Hello again FaucetHub peeps!

It’s always good to be back here, because this community showed a lots of love to us and our project – Crypto Idle Miner!

As majority of you here knows, we always come he...

Nov 238:58 am

FH does Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

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It's that time of the year again folks, the bargain filled Black Friday. This year we're going to offer you some great bargains and deals starting TODAY (Nov 23rd) until Monday (Nov 26th)!.Premium AccountWe have applied a huge discount to the price of the Premium Account. We're giving you 60% OFF with no hidden strings or anything, just pure discount. The best bit? If you can afford to, now is the time to invest long term into a premium account. This discounted price does not last for just this weekend, but if you buy for multiple days or months you get all of those months are this discounted price!
Cheaper deposit fee
Since launch we did no...

Nov 2110:45 pm

[Update] Maintenance, rain

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Hello everyone.

As you know, we had a maintenance today, which was VERY needed, in order to keep everything under control.
After the site came back, we rained 0.117 BTC (11.7 million satoshi).

Please make sure you follow us on twitter:

Nov 201:49 pm

FaucetHUB updates. Maintenance

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Hello everyone!FaucetHUB keeps growing, and growing.This means our databases grows, and we need to add more space, so we can scale the project and avoid any issues, such as lag, disconnects, etc, in the short and distant future.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, 21st of November, we will be...

Nov 1312:25 pm

FaucetHUB updates. AD tab, Mining/EXP

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Hello everyone!
It's been a while since we posted public updates.

This update has to do with mining and EXP, mostly.

AD Tab:
From now on, you will be able to do b...

Nov 025:48 pm

CryptoIdleMiner Beta v0.3.0 it's alive, ITS ALIVE! Everybody can participate!


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Hello everyone!

Yes, maybe we are a bit late with Halloween announ...