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Sep 272:18 pm

[Important] Changes to DOGE deposit addresses, minimum deposit/withdraw

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In an effort to keep our DOGE wallet running strong, we are taking a drastic measure and retiring our wallet.dat file for a new one. This means that your old DOGE deposit address will no longer function and you will be required to generate a new one. Please note that this is NOT being done due to security.. You wont lose any coins after this is finished. There is no need to worry, just make sure you DON'T send any coins to old addresses, after the date given at the bottom of this text.

In addition to this the minimum withdraw amount of DOGE will be raised to 100 DOGE, with the minimum deposit amount being raised to 250 DOGE. This is to encourage only larger deposits and to not do any mining to your account.

Summary of the changes
27th September: min...

Sep 252:24 pm

DOGE coin withdraw issues

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As many of you have noticed, DOGE is ded.
The wallet has been clogged and we have been working on unclogging it and getting it back up.

Since this is the first time this has happened w...

Sep 223:06 pm

Brand New ZCASH Faucet!!!! Have Fun :)


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We finally did it :) fresh and NEW ZCASH 5 MIN Faucet!

Our new NEW ZCASH 5 MIN Faucet is out!

Here is...

Sep 2111:18 am

The ultimate advertising network


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For the ones looking for a new advertising network, please take a look here: is very welcome.
There's still some thin...

Sep 2010:26 am

[Site/App Owners] Information regarding "Application error"

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Some of you may have noticed a few weeks ago API requests started to return the following error: "Application error, please try again later". This post goes into detail on why it happens and what your options are to remove it.

Why does it appear?
The true nature of the error is when a double payout is detected. A double payout is defined by the following things:

- Payout request to the same address, currency w...

Sep 017:02 am

HITAIRDROP - First Airdrop is now Live worth 50000$ [More Airdrops are coming]


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Finally we have our first Airdrop on HitAirdrop is live. We have more Airdrops to launch soon.

BLOCKLANCER-The truly free service marketplace. Airdropping free LNC tokens already available on exchange.

How to join?
Fill this form: [link=https:...