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Sep 252:24 pm

DOGE coin withdraw issues

  • 1537885466


As many of you have noticed, DOGE is ded.


Sep 223:06 pm

Brand New ZCASH Faucet!!!! Have Fun :)


  • 1537628767

We finally did it :) fresh and NEW ZCASH 5 MIN Faucet!


Sep 2111:18 am

The ultimate advertising network


  • 1537528683

For the ones looking for a new advertising network, please take a look here:

Sep 2010:26 am

[Site/App Owners] Information regarding "Application error"

  • 1537439203

Some of you may have noticed a few weeks ago API requests started to return the following error: "Application error, please try again later". This post goes into detail on why it happens and what your options are to remove it.

Why does it appear?


Sep 017:02 am

HITAIRDROP - First Airdrop is now Live worth 50000$ [More Airdrops are coming]


  • 1535785359

Finally we have our first Airdrop on HitAirdrop is live. We have more Airdrops to launch soon.

BLOCKLANCER-The truly free service marketplace. Airdropping free LNC tokens already available on exchange.