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Jun 0712:26 pm

Earn more cryptocurrencies by doing absolutely nothing


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Hello FaucetHub users! It’s the Crypto Idle Miner guys.It’s been a while since we last posted.After you finish reading this post, you will be able to get 500 HORA tokens, for free!

May 134:06 pm

Lottery fixes and changes

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Lottery players, a couple of changes have been made to improve the lottery experience.Weekly lottery fix

May 0511:24 am - The future

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Hello everyone, it's mexicantarget! Please click on this window and read this post, either you are a site owner, a user who earns through websites, or someone who is looking for cheap ways to advertise their business.

As many of you know, FaucetHUB purchased in late December.


Apr 179:20 am – indispensable tool for Bitcoin holders who crave for total anonymity


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It is no longer a secret for Bitcoin holders that all crypto transactions are publicly recorded on the blockchain and can be easily traced by Know Your Transaction (KYT) monitoring tools and associated with them. However advanced users who still want additional privacy resort to various tricks to stay anonymous. The most popular and reliable way to keep privacy nowadays is transaction cleansing by means of so-called Bitcoin mixers or tumblers. Cryptocurrency market offers a wide range of such services, and here developers and marketers should count on the high level of safety and security to stand out from competitors.


Apr 169:20 am

Advertising opportunity for 18 faucet sites from the list


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We have compiled a list of 18 websites that we consider to meet our advertising criteria.