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May 2910:07 pm Defends Cryptocurrency Privacy with Release of Bitcoin Mixer Service!


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The vast majority of cryptocurrency investors are unaware that their coins can be easily traced back to their real identities. Cryptocurrency investors around the world can finally shield their coins in true anonymity with the newly launched service, the world's first bitcoin mixer which provides end-to-end anonymization for bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash.


May 278:56 pm
May 248:56 pm



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We finally did it :) fresh and NEW Ethereum Faucet!


May 2210:11 pm

Upcoming changes to minimum deposit amounts

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Up until now we allowed you to deposit with no minimum amount (except for ETH which has a minimum of 0.01). We have decided that in order to keep our wallets running smoothly we will be introducing a small minimum deposit on some coins.

The following is a list of coins and their upcoming minimum:


May 1911:11 am

[FREE] 99airdops Weekly Giveaways


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What Is an Airdrop

An airdrop is when the creators of a cryptocurrency decide to give free tokens or coins to their community members or active users. Basically, a cryptocurrency airdrop is a distribution of cryptocurrencies throughout the community, usually with the purpose of offering early adopters and community supporters an incentive to either use their coin or to reward them for their loyalty.