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New game from mexicantarget: - Dystopian MMORPG

Jan 031:50 pm
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Hey guys! It's mex

Today I'm launching a new game, called CryptoWarfare (CW). This is the old P2046 game, if some of you might remember it.
I bought the site and upgraded a lot of stuff, fixed a lot of stuff, added a lot of new content to make the game more interesting.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year, and enjoy the game!

CryptoWarfare - Dystopian Crypto MMORPG browser game

Bitcoin (BTC) vs New Bitcoin (NBT), which will prevail?

CryptoWarfare is a Dystopian Cyberpunk Bitcoin RPG with lots of fun gameplay and story missions. The story takes place in a dark setting in the year 2046 when Bitcoin is banned by a new government called the Clinton World Order. Do you have what it takes to bring them down and revive Bitcoin?

5 Player classes
Choose to play as a Miner, Trader, Hacker, Crime Boss or Official

71 Unique Missions
Each class has unique story missions to follow with fun objectives and rewards

100 Skills and Skill Bonuses
Different skills unlock different functions and missions for you to progress, with skill bonuses giving passive rewards

3 public market places
Use the public marketplace for trading a plethora of in-game items providing gameplay enhancements and power ups
You can even sell your own items on the market

Battle others in the cyberworld
Fight others while connecting to the dangerous realms of the cyber matrix to win all kinds of rewards

In game exchange for BTC/NBT
Trade in game currency [NBT] on an open exchange vs BTC, complete with order books and price setting

Much more...
There's many more surprises to discover in the world of CryptoWarfare

Register and start playing today

If you get stuck check out the in-game guide.


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yeshualive - 12 months ago

Im registered and enter the game, but appears page off...

feverish - 12 months ago

Лучше бы кошелек B3COIN прикрутил !It would be better to screw the purse B3COIN!
Reply - 12 months ago

will my old account at 2046 work here too
Reply - 12 months ago

But I am able to login with my old details, but not having any balance there
Reply - 12 months ago

ok, thanks for the reply, promoting it now on my rotator/lister and it will be better if u can make a video tutorial for how to play this game, so I can share on my site. Previously when it was prohibition 2046, it was quite complicated for me and it took some time to understand how game really works.
Reply - 12 months ago

ok, thanks for the info, will be playing this game alot to know more about it.

falkonety - 9 months ago

there is a problem with withdraw. I have requested my payment , I have validate my email confirmation. In my cryptowarfare account it doesn't appear that I have requested a payment but my balance is 0. In my faucethub account I haven't receiveit my requested amount

zhuull - 11 months ago

Clinton World Order?
Really that was the best you could come up with?
Seems a bit in poor taste considering the current state of the US.

falkonety - 11 months ago

Order #1943 on exchange . why is not been changed any nbt till now?

ambior777 - 11 months ago

половина квестов не понятные хрен знает что нужно делать описание отстой

marvel23 - 11 months ago

B3 please faucenthub

azadh926 - 11 months ago

I earn coinbase in 7000tk but i don't exchange this bitcoin to please help me to exchange bitcoin to bkash?

emfawkes999 - 11 months ago

ugh the link for the registration link sent to me doesn't work!

avalonexcel - 11 months ago

Nice day 😀

claudioultra - 11 months ago


hossain746 - 11 months ago

I would be Too Sweet if you could Turn off 2FA please

maxneros - 11 months ago

а смена языка присутствует?

may2k8 - 11 months ago

ok, I'll try this game later

honda0113 - 12 months ago


samsam321 - 12 months ago

Thank you

muhammadtaufik - 12 months ago


mdrasedul - 12 months ago


bude - 12 months ago

thanks your friend......

bagus_pri - 12 months ago

Menarik nih

harianto010416 - 12 months ago

thanks for the info

maman_abdurahman - 12 months ago

Thanks ..

josecv7 - 12 months ago

me registre pero el link de confirnar esta caido

grymas - 12 months ago


eminbagirli - 12 months ago

Thank you

jomzkie - 12 months ago

I registered a while ago but no confirmation email received. Admin please help, send me the activation key so I can enter the game. Thanks!

puan123 - 12 months ago

thank you

serafiel - 12 months ago

Como puedo hacer para apareció el link de registro me dirige a ninguna aparece que no se han encontrado resultados

mohamed2150max - 12 months ago