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Cointiply: Highest Paying Faucet, Offerwalls, and a Mining Game that Pays You

Mar 1512:35 am
  • 1521074106

We are happy to announce Cointiply, the highest paying faucet and offerwall, plus our brand new Cointiply Mining Game! We have lots of innovative features that make Cointiply fun and profitable for our members, and we're consistently in FaucetHub's Top Ten.

We have a great support team, a high-paying referral program, browser mining, and many new features in development. Plus, with today's Bitcoin prices, each Coin is worth more than 1.2 satoshis.

Cointiply Faucet

Spin the Cointiply faucet every hour and earn Coins in a faucet customized for each user. Our faucet isn't weighted, either—you really can win every prize, and we've already had ten winners of our Jackpot (up to 100,000 Coins!).

The Cointiplier: Check out our Cointiplier feature, too, which makes your faucet payouts higher just by earning Coins on the rest of our site. Everyone's Cointiplier starts out at 1.5, and you can bump it up to 2 to earn higher Faucet payouts.

Plus, we pay a bonus when you roll a prime number, and we even have a loyalty bonus for spinning the faucet every day.

The Cointiply Mining Game

We are very proud to announce for the first time our Cointiply Mining Game. You've seen mining games, but you're going to love ours! Use your Coins to buy buildings, and earn a steady income in Coins every hour. Upgrade your buildings for even more Mining Power.

Bonus Mining Pool: We're kicking in Coins every hour for a Bonus Mining Pool, paid out to every Miner based on their total Mining Power.

More Bonuses: The top three miners earn a bonus every hour of 500, 300, or 200 Coins, and we're giving five 200 Coin bonuses to random miners with active mines. Everyone's eligible!

Cointiply Offerwalls

The single best way to earn cryptocurrency is doing offerwalls, and the Cointiply offerwalls are the best in the industry: Tap Research, PCT Wall, Adscend Media (watch videos for Coins!),, Peanut Labs, Offer Toro, MinuteStaff and many more. If you check our rates, we're confident you'll find you earn more from Cointiply than anywhere else.


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kotobegemot - 1 year ago

Слишком большая минималка на вывод 30 000 сатоши. Любой кран мгновенно отправит вам сюда, на Фаусет хаб даже 1 сатоши, а они поставили аж 30000. Даже не буду тратить время на этот кран, ерунда это

mconnors43 - 1 year ago

Great site, been using for bit now - they pay, and have had no issues.

andei82 - 1 year ago

отличный сайт, больше месяца сижу на нем - супер

zotacatalin - 1 year ago

I smell a little scam here. Why?
1. My roll stop at 11.111 and then start rolling again.
2. My balance shows like this: 0.0000015233 but in the real one is 152 satoshi.
3. The minimum payout is to big.

gr8vince - 1 year ago

I have already received a payment from them of 35000 Coins / 0.000321 BTC (this was 14 days ago) - it is verified (by me) as not a scam.
1. The roll resets to 11,111 before rolling so that it can animate - depending on the timing you don't even see it.
2. Your balance shows 10 decimal places as coins can be smaller than a Satoshi. You can easily see your USD balance and BTC balance regardless.
3. Our minimum payment helps us prevent fraud and abuse and is very approachable even for casual users. We have plenty of users who cash out daily or weekly even with the minimum in place.


jamcr - 1 year ago

I don't know about scam,because I can't judge without trying to get paid,but I do agree that the payout is too high...I want to believe the people running it are honest,but I do wish the payout minimum will be lower.

nomabonga - 1 year ago

It's not a scam. IF you do the offerwall you can get as much as 11000 satoshis from one survey. I have withdrawn once so far and it does pay.

bally4 - 12 months ago


irinbrov - 12 months ago

Thank you

joshua319 - 12 months ago

i am loving cointiply

ambre - 12 months ago

Bonsoir j ai eu plusieur difficultés pouriez vous m aidez à on savoir plus sur se cite Merci à vous

sahirin - 12 months ago

Nice info...

eddirimado - 12 months ago


dwic87 - 1 year ago


indahset80 - 1 year ago

cointiply..very ok

innocenh - 1 year ago

It's very nice!

juanychelme - 1 year ago

Primera vez que se de la existencia de este faucet, se ve interesante.

generalgubernat - 1 year ago


shyal - 1 year ago

I am loving it

panadda1234 - 1 year ago


emma32200 - 1 year ago

I can't arrive to sign up, page is reloading alone when clicking on captcha

tgh77 - 1 year ago

oferwall.tidak banyak yg jalan hanya wanads dame game saja yg dpat di claim coin nya..PTC juga nggk jalan ada apa ini..klick ptc berhasil tpi koin nggk masuk

veennyp - 1 year ago

Agreed that it's a good paying faucet but sometimes while claiming rewards many ads pop up on several tabs. Please fix it. Thank you.

surya84 - 1 year ago

Is a good faucet

tuhin22970 - 1 year ago

Thank you

tedcbenny - 1 year ago

Is good faucet

libra725 - 1 year ago

Help please, i already registered but when i try to log in again..,it said , invalid username or password, but i'm 100% sure on the correctness of the details i supplied..

🚰hubwarrior🔫 - 1 year ago

why i can't make register?
top5 members or leaderboard appeared when i try to signup!

psybeat - 1 year ago


88sandi - 12 months ago


rogermendes1988 - 1 year ago