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May 2910:07 pm
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The vast majority of cryptocurrency investors are unaware that their coins can be easily traced back to their real identities. Cryptocurrency investors around the world can finally shield their coins in true anonymity with the newly launched service, the world's first bitcoin mixer which provides end-to-end anonymization for bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash.

In a push back against cybercriminals and prying government agencies, has stepped up the fight for crypto rights by enabling veritable freedom and anonymity for users of their service.

Blockchain wallets used to store digital currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum are identified using addresses which enable coins to be sent and received accurately. The movement of cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another create events recorded on the blockchain which cybercriminals can use to identify and target large wallets. Government agencies can also track the outflow of cryptocurrencies to fiat money since converting crypto to cash necessitates a bank account, meaning a user's digital anonymity only goes so far.

"Cybercriminals are able to figure out the balance of your wallets and even identify you to hack your computer and steal your coins," said the team in a prepared statement. "Coin-mixing is essential for those who wish to defend their privacy from the whole world who know exactly where they have sent their coins to, where they receive them from and the total amount of coins in their wallets."

Major figures in the cryptocurrency world such as star-investor Ian Balina have recently been hacked and taken for millions of dollars worth of crypto. Had they used a cryptocurrency or bitcoin mixer to turn traceable coins into clean bitcoin, their net worth would be intact. destroys the link between sending and receiving addresses by tumbling sent coins into one of two pools (Alpha, Beta).

"Since all the cryptocurrency transactions are being recorded by blockchain registry, mixing allows individuals to keep the information about where they store and receive their coins from private" - write the team in their FAQ.

The utility of each of the available pools will depend on the user's desire, with the Gamma pool being resistant to even the most advanced blockchain analysis techniques. The entry-level Alpha pool will, nonetheless, satisfy even the most discerning users and costs an industry low 0.5% commission fee to use. understands that privacy is what matters most for its users and to that end has created a Tor-friendly website: http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/en.

Additionally, in order to ensure new users that their cryptocurrency has been processed for maximum anonymity, the panel features a mixing-strength meter, leaving no doubt as to the effectiveness of the mix.

For a quick and easy visual guide on all of the aforementioned features and more, watch this animated Youtube video:

also available in German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Malay, French, Russian and Spanish.


TOR: http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/en
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