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Crypto Idle Miner is inviting you to become our Beta tester!

Jun 0410:45 pm
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Hello everyone,

Development of the game is progressing according to our plan and we are preparing everything for our Beta release.

And now, we want you to be involved more than ever! ☺
As you already know our plan, we will distribute our game, Beta phase of it, pretty soon but we want to give the priority to our community to test it first and give us that much needed feedback and we want ti hear your honest opinion.
That’s why we created Beta sign up form for the participation program. On the link below you’ll find a questionnaire that consists of 11 questions that will provide us necessary info for the start of the Beta. When you complete the questionnaire, you’ll enter the list from which we will hand-pick couple hundred of names for our Beta program and they’ll become our exclusive Beta testers! By now, even little birds on the trees know that we will reward our testers appropriately. ☺
So, wait no more and complete the questionnaire! Here’s the link to the form:

Your support was really amazing so far, we’ve reached over 3k of subscribers on our mailing list and every channel and social media is growing on daily basis. And we wanna keep that trend. Many of you have asked us: “will you guys have Discord?”, “what is going on, where is your Discord channel?”, “dscrd pls”… Now, we can answer on that question positively, we have our own Discord channel! You can join us here on the following link:

If you haven’t become a part of our community feel free to check out our channels and pages, because in that way you’ll be up-to-date with all major updates and news from our end. Below you’ll find the links, follow us and become a part of something amazing! ☺

As always, thank you for your help and for the time you’ve spent on this.
Have a great day and good luck, maybe we’ll pick you to be our Beta tester!

All the best from Hora Games Team!
Community & Marketing manager


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rikie123 - 8 months ago

Semoga ini bukanlah scam...

lexibee - 9 months ago

I have seen your site several times. But the homepage is unappealing. I though thought it was just a scam site but now I think otherwise seeing you reach out to the community.
Reply - 8 months ago

Hello there! Sorry to hear that, but now you are convinced that we are a real deal. :)
It's just a matter of design, we liked it at first and decided to stick with it, but, we will add more content to our website, characters in color and more pages etc. At the moment, top priority for us is game development and building up our community. Website tweaks will be done, don't worry. :)
And we are glad that we changed your mind. :)

PS. We have a contest going on our Discord, give it a look.
Reply - 8 months ago

PPS. We are always open for suggestions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], or write to us on Discord or Telegram or any other social media channel. We would gladly hear you out. :)

dwic87 - 9 months ago

thanks for the information
Reply - 8 months ago

Thank you for following our updates! Feel free to join us there. :)

mpgsandeep999 - 9 months ago

nice to hear about this...i hope this will be interesting...
Reply - 8 months ago

It will be ;)
Join us there and check out our latest news update, we have some surprises for you. :)

ernawati - 9 months ago

Saya belum paham tentang ini