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Crypto Idle Miner closed beta launched!

Jul 078:33 pm
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Another news from us, guys!

It’s time to give you an update about the progress of our project. Since our last announcement here, we told you that we are working towards our Beta, and invited you to join on Discord and fill the Beta sign up form.

Beta has started, hooray!
Since we had a great turn out for Beta application, we decided to scale everything up and include more of you who have applied via our form. We started with initial group of most loyal community members, added them to our private channel on our Discord server and explained them how this process will look like. After that, we started with daily invitations (around 50 invitations per day) of other applicants. They received our email with a small thank you note and explanation what to do next. In that email we are sending another small questionnaire which has couple of very important questions to us. When you complete that, you can expect to receive Beta build in 7 to 10 days max!

We have also created a special Trello board which will be visible for all participants of closed Beta. In that Trello board, we will keep track of most frequent reported bugs, issues and things like that. Also, in it you’ll be able to see list of features that we want to implement.

Now, we have something different for you!

We have our own subreddit peeps!
We would like to invite you to join us there, start the conversation and let’s build that karma together! :)

Before you start posting there, make sure that you read our guidelines and rules. Also, we made two posts there so far, one of them is our welcome note, and the other one is our first “conversation piece”. We asked for your opinion and your expectations regarding our game. So, feel free to join and participate in this because we would really like to hear what you have to say!

Don’t hesitate, click on the following link and subscribe:

Talk to you soon!

All the best,
Hora Games team


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