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[Promotion for site owners]

Mar 109:03 pm
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So, some of you might have heard of PTCWall, and its offers. One of those offer providers, Andrew Gitt has contacted me to let me know about the changes they've made on their site.

If you are interested about earning some extra money as a site owner (crypto too), please contact Andrew and provide him with a link to your website. Please that this is only for site owners, not users.

You can contact Andrew at:

email: [email protected]
Skype: andrewgitt
Telegram: @andrewgitt

There are 2 ways to integrate their offers, and both include FH payouts. It's a win-win promo for FH, FOs and Andrew's project.
PTCWall has been using their service for quite a bit now, and I've known Andrew for like 4 months, and I've never had any issues.

If you decide to contact Andrew, make sure you tell him mexicantarget sent you.



Please do not spam referral links. You will be banned.

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gitt613 - 9 days ago

Hi Devrawl. We have been running for 5 months. Actually you are correct and I want to thank you. That ad somehow slipped by. I will remove that in a few hours. In mobile it's allowed but not desktop, I just checked with my google rep. So thank you for pointing that out and I will have that removed within hours. Please be in touch with me, looking forward to working with you.

razhnell - 3 days ago

not on destop why make some for destop type for fast mining

stepan1994 - 8 days ago


dhendy_indah - 9 days ago


bolot - 9 days ago


faisal22 - 9 days ago

Nice 👍

karunia14 - 10 days ago

What tv?

riandoren - 10 days ago

may try
Reply - 10 days ago

nice info..

faysalulhaque - 10 days ago