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Seems surreal but it's true! Crypto Idle Miner will be released next week!

Mar 119:03 pm
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Hello, dear Faucet Hub members!

We won’t beat around the bush, this is it guys – we have finished the development of Crypto Idle Miner!
As we already told you in the title, next week is scheduled for the release of our game, so if you plan your vacation in this period, you might wanna postpone them for some time.

First things first, we want to say a massive “thanks” to each and every one of you here! Faucet Hub and its community members have shown us nothing but love, from day 1. So, we hope that you will love the game we have been working on the past 10 months and that we will prove your expectations with it. You guys are awesome!

But that’s not all! We have more surprises in store for you!
Recently, we've shared some exciting Medium blog posts where we provided more information about our future plans and Hora Games vision, HORA Token & Leaderboard and Beta rewarding system, so you might want to follow our Medium (you can click on the links above that will lead you to our profile). Also, we will be here again with release announcement, download links and very cool trailer video!

Last but not least, we want to say thank you to Mexican Target as well, for trusting us and that believed in us and our project right from the start.

Looking forward to come back here again with the release announcement! Until then, on behalf of the entire Hora Games studio, I’m wishing you all the best!

Community and Marketing Manager



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You must be logged in to comment! - 8 days ago

Thanks Mexican! Glad to have your support! See you in Live version! ;)

algerianman - 9 days ago

Awesome news thanks
Reply - 8 days ago

Really is, we are super excited to see you in Live version as well! Thank you!

razzleberryt - 9 days ago

Congrats Hora. The hype has been real. ;D Roxy would be proud.
Reply - 8 days ago

Well thank you so much @razzleberryt ! ^_^

dariusda09 - 2 days ago

Informasi yg sangat menarik. Terima kasih

michael5001 - 4 days ago

Hey, no links

akinel - 4 days ago

im so exited already.. im still playing the beta version for almost 3months

dgekli911 - 5 days ago

а на пк версия будит?

ryuwen - 5 days ago

i'm wait you 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

tugsuunewtime - 7 days ago


ryptk33p3r - 8 days ago

Great news, especially rewarding us Beta Testers, thank you for allowing me to be a tester and also the future reward.

iboy777tiger - 8 days ago

nice one bro. i will wait for link

Anyway...the best player I think is the rich people who can buy any items for leveling or something needed to be the leader-board... But this is a different one ever... Good job Hora..!
Reply - 8 days ago

Thank you so much @2d_valhalla! What else can we say - see you in Live version! :)

elwhdany - 9 days ago


maningsih - 5 days ago

Baik... terimakasih