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API system changes affecting all site owners

Jul 293:34 pm
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This post will be outlining a very important change to the API system and how it functions. For a long time we have been working on the FaucetBox model of providing free API requests within certain time limits. For some larger faucets these limits are not enough, and we'd provide higher limits when requested.

Unfortunately, many attempts are made to use the API in an abusive way. This includes some of the following things:

- Multiple sites for a single site, to increase the limits
- Many many small payouts to boost the EXP of an account
- Autofaucets

These changes are being made to deter the use of Auto faucets, or to push faucet owners to create better and more optimised scripts which send larger payouts and use less API requests.

Below is a full list of changes which will be applied to the API system.

Decreased default request limits with upgrade plans
The first change is the lowering of the default request limits to the following values:

- Per minute: from 120 to 30
- Per 10 mins: from 1000 to 250
- Per hour: from 4000 to 1000

This is replaced with the packages available below:

You can select the package you require from the Faucet Manager, billed on a daily basis with the ability to upgrade and downgrade at any time.

API request credits
From the moment the new system activates every API request made will deduct 1 credit from your API credit balance. Every account is given 10,000 credits per day for free. 1 credit is equal to 1 API request. Once you have run out of credits you will no longer be able to make API requests and will be given an error. You must then either wait for your free credits to be refilled or purchase some more credits.

Credits can be purchased from the Faucet Manager at any time in the form of packages.

You can purchase more than 1 package at the same time by raising the quantity.

Please understand, this is irreversible and we wont be answering to any comments regarding this.
Just keep one thing in mind. FaucetHUB isn't doing this to profit, but to stop the abuse and balance server overload.

Thank you for your time.


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You must be logged in to comment! - 24 days ago

Good luck to those who are able to stay.

gabtycoon - 24 days ago

nice for the company... am not sure its nice for the claimers
Reply - 24 days ago

This kinda means the death of 1 year coding! Thanks Mex!
Reply - 23 days ago

yeah, you're right!
It was a very fun time, which isn't over yet.
I got a plan how I can keep my Faucet alive...

blirai - 23 days ago

You need make another code to run your faucet again or just increase the time like 1 minute, if you want tho xD
Reply - 24 days ago

Do this API request credits stack, if you have less than 10.000 requests on one day?

btceasy-money - 22 days ago

Thanks for f*****g us mex!

fautsy - 24 days ago

could be possible to make some statistics of our API's. for us to understand how many credits is required to purchase, so we could choose best package. to avoid buying 2 times a day Basic plan when i could buy from begining Medium plan. without having to check/monitor faucet few times a day when i'll be out of credits... Some statistics would be of help and based on these statistics we can understand how much approximatively API credits do we need daily so we could choose right package.. maybe with a autoupgrade as well.
Reply - 24 days ago

You can see how many claims per day are made from your faucets in the faucet manager.

Actually this seems to be a good change. Many low quality faucets will dissapear, the good ones will remain. I'm not talking now as a faucet owner, I'm talking as an user. Good job!
Reply - 21 days ago

all my faucets are manual but i closed down three of them today. it's easier to manage only one because of this change. i wont have to divide cash among other currencies again and i wont have to worry about finding coins in exchange. my faucets aren't low quality but i dont want all my faucets to suffer when my user base gets very big.

irinaursskgb - 24 days ago

yes sure you can check the gipsy faucets in premium list : gipsybtc, gipsyltc, gipsydash, gipsydoge, gipsyeth (till now no presence of gipsybch), they are very good and well balanced, they wont be empty in a couple of weeks like the rest

151564 - 20 days ago

I’m glad this happened before I became a site owner. My condolences to all the current site owners though.

hanzhaxors - 22 days ago

May we quit?

luziano - 23 days ago

Muito bom

bicolexpress10 - 24 days ago

Good luck to all!
Reply - 24 days ago

I'm already a regular subscriber. I thought we'll get at least a free api upgrade like basic or medium :(.

juanbo - 24 days ago

Amigos, creo que tambien podrian bajar los limites de retiro por cada moneda para no tener necesidad de vincular muchas faucets a nuestra cuenta para llegar mas rapido a este monto y poder retirar nuestro dinero que retienen

orobit - 23 days ago

hola juan, estas nuevas mediadas en que afectaran a los usuarios normales? ni siquiera se cosa son las API

sukum - 24 days ago

Good job

scrollkart - 6 days ago

Where should i get Api Key for connect my website i dont see any Api key in my account

club2019 - 15 days ago

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janoon - 16 days ago

Hello good

marciliodavid - 16 days ago

tbm nisso voces tinha que diminuir o minimo de retirada tbm

gegeenzaya - 19 days ago

Reply - 20 days ago

This should be applied to the "/api/v1/send" endpoint only

rizallsollar - 20 days ago


zahraabdii8563 - 22 days ago


meharabbas75 - 23 days ago

g oy

cryptozhia - 23 days ago

May this benefit the claimers too.

oruss86 - 23 days ago


aungkhant1992 - 23 days ago


mktheyguy - 23 days ago

nice for the company... am not sure its nice for the

gordojavier - 24 days ago

Estos cambios y recién empiezo a trabajar con esta plataforma :(

chokritergawchi - 24 days ago

Reply - 24 days ago

Hello. Totally understand the reasoning behind this but I have a question: If I buy a 250,000 package, do they have to be used in 1 day? Or will they roll over until they are used up?
Reply - 24 days ago

You are billed daily and they don't stack, which means you should consider carefully how many you need. It might be wise to buy extra to begin with and trim down until you hit a good mark.
Reply - 16 days ago

I guess I didn't ask my question correctly. So there is a daily package and a one-time purchase. If I buy a one-time purchase of 250,000 will they roll over to the next day until they are used up? Or do the one-time purchases have to be used the same day as well?

psiaku - 24 days ago

good yop

fernandojoana - 24 days ago

Good job

asifrasheed - 20 days ago


logicbug - 21 days ago

It's a good idea!

hasan87 - 21 days ago


harwoo - 23 days ago

very good
Reply - 24 days ago

Hi Mex, thanks for the update. We will adapt and make things better for everyone. Much love and peace.
Reply - 23 days ago

oh really?

icalbi - 24 days ago

thanks for site, this site is very nice and is the very good

audir - 24 days ago

Abuso esses que engana a pessoa que enviou valor X e ele não chega! Onde será que esta o abuso??? Vamos pensar....

as8448914 - 24 days ago

Limite de retiro muy alto , de alli los abusos . Yo con lo mio tengo que esperar medio año para retirar.