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Chat rules abuse

Apr 097:10 pm
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Hello everyone,

As most of you know, it's not allowed to promote scam projects in any chats on FGN or FaucetHUB.

So, from now, please know that if you promote any "Ponzi/Pyramid", "Cloud mining" or any other scam project, you'll be permanently banned from all our chats.

Instead of helping people get a stable "income" of bitcoin, or call it whatever you want, you allow scammers steal coins and minimize everyone's chances to get more coins in the long term.

Don't be greedy, your referral links can change people's lives. Don't depend on scam projects which promise you 10% and 50% per day. If those worked, everyone would be rich and wouldn't be doing faucets or anything else which is slow but stable.

Please consider this as a fair/friendly warning.

Thank you,


Please do not spam referral links. You will be banned.

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