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WARNING! Jaxx wallet users

Jun 126:29 pm
  • 1497292187

Jaxx has been hacked. Please stop using the service until further notice, do not withdraw any funds on their site before you hear any positive news.

Thanks to user leedmet for warning us.


Please do not spam referral links. You will be banned.

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esyjakol - 6 months ago

سلام من نمیتونم به تعادل برسونم دریافتی هامو
کسی میتونه راهنماییم کنه ؟

wellborges - 8 months ago

É bom ter cuidado, por onde guardar as moedas...

matloobatv - 10 months ago


syedwadud48790 - 1 year ago

i have already requested my withdrawal to my jaxx wallet now what to do?

hubman7 - 1 year ago

Thanks for this timely warning. I have just downloaded their software after reading that its very save and secured, for keeping coins.

sidkkrem - 1 year ago

Good good