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A new challenger appears: Rambo Dice Jackpot!

Aug 032:27 pm
  • 1501770446

Today we are launching an upgrade to Rambo Bitcoin Dice game:
the Rambo Jackpot!

The jackpot increases as players play Dice. All you have to do to win is roll an exact 0.01 or 99.99, and bet more than 50 satoshi on your lucky roll!

Due to this release, the house edge has also been raised from 0.8% to 1%.

Do you have what it takes to challenge Rambo's Jackpot?

You can always keep an eye on the total amount of our Jackpot you can win at the top of our site, the numbers in gold color.

Challenge Rambo and win now


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errig44 - 8 months ago

Oke. ....

aduy494 - 10 months ago