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For Users & Faucet Owners, information regarding issues today

Aug 0512:28 pm
  • 1501936097

There was a short outage between 6AM and 10:20AM BST where we were experiencing problems with our database. This prevented new data being added in certain situations. This may have resulted in the following behaviours appearing:

- Users claims not showing up in their claim history on their address
- Faucet Owner's API calls returning success status, but the payout didn't show up on the user's address
- Faucet Owner's statistics being slightly off, or not functioning at all
- Faucet Owner's API log not showing recent API calls
- Other features on site not functioning as intended

Due to this we have gotten a lot of support queries about users asking where their payouts are. To explain this in further detail, your balance has increased but the item does not show up on your wallet list for payouts received during 6AM to 10:20AM BST.

Due to the nature of this issue, the payout data and API data is non-recoverable, however your actual balance amount is still correct. We hope you understand the issue that took place.


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