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Faucet Owners, protect your faucets!

Aug 0711:23 pm
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We've been getting an increased number of requests from both new and old Faucet Owners requesting for us to refund some payouts because their site/app was exploited. As a token of good faith from 1 faucet owner to another, we sometimes honor this request in specific circumstances.

However, FaucetHub provides everything you need to secure your own faucet to prevent these things from ever happening in the first place. We do everything we can on our end to provide you with a secure micro-wallet service, but we simply cannot be held responsible for the scripts and software you connect to our API.

Please familiarize yourself with the following tools, available from the Faucet Manager:

Rate Limiting
Configure a time frame up to 360 minutes where you can set the total amount you are willing to pay. For example 0.001 Bitcoin every 30 minutes. Users will receive a "rate limit error" after the amount has been exceeded, preventing excessive withdraws from an exploited script.

In addition to this, you can even have our system send you an email when this limit has been reached to alert you of potential issues. And, if you are particularly paranoid, you can even have your API disabled upon reaching the limit for the maximum possible security.

Access Control List
Configure Access Control to prevent unauthorized API calls from IP addresses that do not belong to you. Without this configured your API is open to anyone who knows it. We strongly advise to enable this option.

Anti-Fraud System
The final feature is our 24/7 Anti-Fraud system, which protects Faucet Owner's from referral fraud, multiple address abuse, and botting. This feature is only available to Premium members.

We hope that all Faucet Owners will enable and make use of these features. From this point onwards we will not be refunding faucet owners who run into problems if they are not making proper use of these tools.


Please do not spam referral links. You will be banned.

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mrdoge - 22 days ago

Nice info. Thanks alot

hamid87 - 25 days ago

thanks very so much

magda7 - 1 month ago

Reply - 1 month ago

i lost most cash before realizing 30,000 claim a day was being taken it was like so many claims every second for days before i even noticed, how can this happen????, not impressed????

habibull - 1 month ago

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mashka.22 - 2 months ago

thank you

ghazal1986 - 2 months ago

thank you