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For Faucet Users...

  • Accept Bitcoin micropayments from faucets and other sites
  • Keep your funds secure from exploiters
  • Advanced statistics of your received payments
  • Chat with other users directly on-site

For Faucet Owners...

  • Multiple Faucets
  • Advanced Security
  • Unrestricted API Access
  • Easy Migration
  • Enhanced Stats
  • Promotion

How is my data used?

Personal data collected by us includes your username, your email address, your Internet Protocol Address (IP) and some basic information about the Web Browser you are using. If you choose to take part in using the chat box or posting a forum message, this is also data that you are providing to us for public display.

Your data is not being sold, and is only being used by us for mandatory processing to ensure we can provide you with the services you request.

For more information, please read our Privacy Policy and How we use and process your data.