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Terms & Conditions Last modified 4 months ago

The terms and conditions outline an agreement between FaucetHub (we) and the user (you). This agreement is a legally binding document relating to the usage of (the website). This must be followed at all times. You accept this agreement at the point of account creation.

  1. Users who have collected funds have a right to be paid out providing they have reached the minimal currency threshold (see changing address for exceptions).
  2. Users can set their threshold to any value above the minimal currency threshold.
  3. Users may only have 1 account for each currency-specific wallet address in the system at any point in time.
  4. Linking a currency address (wallet) that you do not have required control over gives us the right to ban your account and access to the site on the grounds of unauthorised access and malicious activity.
  5. In the event that you need to prove ownership of a specific address we reserve the right to request from you either a signed message or a small transaction. Failure to provide the requested information could lead to withholding of payouts.
  6. If you request to change a linked currency address we reserve the right to discard all pending payouts waiting to be sent to the previous address you used.
  7. In the act of a security breach caused by a 3rd party or software fault, we reserve the right to withhold payouts from users for an unspecified amount of time.
  8. If a user is found to be guilty of suspicious/malicious activity (unauthorised access, exploiting bugs or weaknesses, degrading service performance, etc.) we reserve the right to ban (block) access to the user account and repay any collected funds to original owner's accounts.
  9. If a user is found to be using "bots", DDOS attacks or any other attempt to circumvent protections we have in place the above also applies.
  10. In reference to the 2 above points, law enforcement may be used.
  11. We reserve the right to change deposit fees, user fees, payout window and minimal payout thresholds at any point in time without prior notice.
  12. In the event of wallet maintenance or clear out a faucet owner's deposit address may change. We reserve the right to change this at any point, and owners must check their address before making a deposit. If funds are lost due to not following this, we are not held responsible and will not be able to provide compensation.
  13. We reserve the right to change or remove any website feature at any point, without giving prior notice or compensation.
  14. When making use of PTC (Paid to Click) services that we offer (for FREE top-up), you accept that all offers, clicks, downloads, surveys, tasks, video watches etc. that you successfully complete are controlled by a 3rd party, and that any reward you receive is considered a good will bonus from us. We reserve the right to not credit you in the event of such 3rd party rejecting your offer completion status.
  15. In the event of loss of funds or damage to your account in relation to a client-side security breach (password breach, API key stolen, etc.), we are not held accountable.
  16. Making use of the security features we provide for accounts (2-Factor Authentication, Access Control List, Login Notifications) does not guarantee 100% protection from a security breach. In the event of a breach on an account with such features enabled, we are not held accountable for any losses or damage.
  17. Excessive use of the wallet addresses feature for malicious intent e.g. claiming/withdrawing more than you should from 1 or more sites will result in a ban and funds will be refunded..
  18. Most of you would sell/or have already sold your soul to the devil multiple times and you don't even know it. Take the time to read the terms on all sites you sign up on.
  19. Accounts can be deleted upon request, however various data is kept. See this page for more information.
  20. Using a VPN or Proxy while browsing FaucetHub or any faucet using our platform can tie your usage to other people using the same IP address, resulting in your account being frozen by our Anti-Fraud system.
  21. Suspicious activity such as excessive claiming is viewed as malicious intent and can get your account frozen.